P E R S O N A L     S H O P P I N G     D A Y *    –    £260.00

Before we hit the shops Visa in hand. I take the time to understand you, your lifestyle, your loves, your direction.

Considering your current wardrobe and your budget I will have already been into store and arranged pieces for you to try on prior to the Personal Shop to maximise our time together.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, whether you love to shop or you can think of nothing worse. I will have done the ground work for you, we will be going with a clear idea of what it is that we are shopping for. It’s my job to ensure it’s an experience that you enjoy and most importantly, that you feel comfortable.

After our time together you will have a greater understanding on how to dress for your shape and proportions. We will explore ideas and I can show you how best to style outfits for various elements of your lifestyle.

I will show you how to navigate the shop floor, what to look for to help you make future shopping decisions and helping you to achieve a greater understanding of how to make your clothes work harder for you and what areas of your wardrobe would benefit from what levels of investment.

There is no obligatory minimum spend.

I cover Cambridge, Hitchin, Bedford, Milton Keynes Areas incl. Bicester Village. For outside of these areas please get in touch to discuss in more detail.

I would ask to see your current Wardrobe prior to a Personal Shop in order to achieve a greater understanding of your shopping habits prior to our time together. Most Clients prefer to book a Wardrobe Edit prior to their Personal Shop, Whilst this is not compulsory I would recommend it.

[ A little something you may wish to consider when booking an Edit… If your cycle can influence your mood heavily, how your body feels. Please consider this when booking dates. This is something for you. You deserve to feel in a great place to enjoy it fully ]

Any questions, or to make your booking please get in touch.


**A Day would consist of 4 hours shopping time at the agreed shopping location. There would be additional fee of 20.00 per hour for each hour thereafter.