S E A S O N A L     U P D A T E    –    £85.00

When you’re approaching a new season it can be overwhelming. Magazines , Social Media Sponsored Posts screaming at you with what you MUST have and an Inbox rammed of high street stores excited about their new seasonal wares.

I produce a tangible report that will give you clear visuals and inspire you with looks that work for you, for your proportions, your lifestyle giving you a clear sense of direction.

Covering all bases. Giving you suggestions of the best seasonal picks from the investments to how is best to approach injecting elements of Seasonal Trends and everything in between. Guiding you to the best way to allocate the lion share of your clothing budget to get more from your wardrobe.

I cover details on shapes to best compliment your proportions, silhouettes that feel good and why. This will give you a deeper understanding of your body shape and more confidence in your future shopping trips. 

To view an example of an existing clients Seasonal Update Report just ask.*

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[ ** Please note the existing client’s permission has been granted to share this report with potential clients. None of my clients information or reports are ever shared without prior permission ]