S E A S O N A L     U P D A T E    –    £55.00

To adapt your style, or update your look doesn’t necessarily mean a complete wardrobe overhaul.

Taking into consideration what you already have, your lifestyle and the direction you’re heading. I’ll take the time to really understand you and what you need.

Identifying classic pieces and aspects of the seasonal trends that would lift your wardrobe to give you an instant update, working with what you already have and keeping within your budget.

You’ll receive options of various different looks presented to you in a detailed, personalised visual report that will give you the opportunity to see how the suggestions could work for you, with notes on why they would work for you and how to wear them best to optimise your proportions. You’ll also have working links to each item in the sizes I suggest for your convenience.

To view an example of an existing clients Seasonal Update Report please get in touch.*

Any questions, or to make your booking, get in touch.


[ ** Please note the existing client’s permission has been granted to share this report with potential clients. None of my clients information or reports are ever shared without prior permission ]