C L I E N T    T E S T I M O N I A L S

‘ ‘ I love clothes and shopping and I thought I was fairly confident in what suits me but I found myself in a bit of a rut, living in jeans and owning far too many grey sweatshirts! I struggle every year to find flattering summer clothes so decided this year I needed some help! Donna put together a summer wardrobe edit for me that was so unbelievably my style as well as encouraging me to try new things. Pulling together a core basic summer wardrobe with added suprises and great accessories to add a bit of individuality and personality. I love and want everything!! With her understanding of shapes and colours all the hard work was done for me. It was especially helpful that she found me good lengths, something I struggle with being tall. I have a better understanding of shapes that are best for me and I’ve been introduced to some new shopping websites which I’m loving exploring. Thank you Donna – Can’t wait for my next edit!! Roll on Autumn Winter.’ ‘

C.G  |  Received – Seasonal Update

‘ ‘ When I came out of the fog of the newborn days, I was lost on the ‘style’ front and found myself living in gym gear. Lost and with an SMP budget I needed some help to create a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe that would make me feel like me again. So I called in Donna, I knew she would be the person to help me out of this lycra rut.

She came up trumps – she got how I needed pieces that would interchange, allow for easy access to feed and that reflected me. It was just the inspiration I need to go forth and rediscover myself.

Donna will help you realise where to splurge and save on pieces that will work with existing bits focusing on better quality over fast fashion. I guarantee she’ll create some lightbulb moments and even encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to discover that pieces you thought would never suit you, actually DO!’ ‘

K.B  |  Received – Seasonal Update

‘ ‘ Contacting a Personal Stylist is something I’d thought about but never thought I would do. It’s something I hadn’t considered to do for myself, in that maybe I was too old or busy with the kids to think about how I looked.

I lacked confidence, this was a step forward and I’d encourage anyone to take the opportunity. Donna has such a unique way not only with style but with how it was explained to me. I was totally warmed by the experience. I’m now much more confident, I feel different when I’m wearing one of my new outfits or even just one new item. I feel more in control of how I look.’ ‘

P.B   |  Received – Personal Shopping

‘ ‘ The experience exceeded my expectations, I was worried I would have very little that would be able to inspire any sort of coming together at all. I don’t know why but I didn’t expect you to go through my bags and shoes as well, but I was glad you did! At my most ambitious I thought to myself If I can get one good outfit out of this, it will save me money on a shopping spree where I end up buying more I don’t wear. The reality is there are at least 5 or 6 things that I can now put together in different ways, So it was definitely worth every penny! I feel happier to go with my instincts and have some great pointers of things to embrace and avoid in the future.’ ‘

M.E   |   Received – Wardrobe Edit

‘ ‘ Donna helped me to step outside me comfort zone, her non-judgemental and expert advice enabled me to purchase some fabulous and timeless additions to my wardrobe, and the chance to rework some items I already owned in a way I hadn’t thought of before to suit a variety of occasions. Donna carefully considered and delivered a bespoke service; tailored to my budget, likes, dislikes and body shape / colouring . I’ll certainly be back for more! ‘ ‘

H.L  |  Received – Styling

‘ ‘ My confidence was at a 4/10 now I’m at a 8/10 already. The change in confidence is down to having a better understanding of what suits my body type. I found it really fascinating as most of the items listed I most likely wouldn’t have picked for myself. I needed a dress for an event, It was so easy. From picking options, to telling me the size I should order and having the links on my email. Everything was so easy and professional. I will 100% be calling on Donna again. ‘ ‘

S.P  |  Received – Styling Report – Occasion



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