Something clicked for me in reaching my mid thirties. The only way I can describe it; is to liken it to a sudden rush of confidence in the comfort of really understanding who you are, your taste, adopting a refreshingly unapologetic ‘This is me’ attitude.

How did I get to this point?

Before working in Graphics and Marketing I studied Fashion Design and Illustration. This industry has always been what gets me excited. Maternity leave gave me the opportunity to re group and focus, with time to get involved in Children’s fashion and style, writing content and styling editorial stories for Babiekins Magazine and Little Flea. With my children now six and eight, enjoying School. I was excited to hit the books for myself and take what felt like the natural step to study Personal Styling at London College of Fashion.

Donna brings her ideas to life with a sense of playfulness that really helps her to connect with clients. Her enthusiasm is excellent with a real passion for this field – which is one of the absolute essential ingredients. ”

John Noonan    |   London College Of Fashion

Never before than when I was pregnant did I feel so body confident, so purposeful. Strong. And, yet never before had I felt so out of touch with who I was. I had lost how I felt with how I looked, my body I didn’t recognise. My style had been my thing and now with a small child on my hip and referred to as ‘Mama’ I felt confused to how I fit in.  I’ve had two children. I get it.

So often, we put ourselves at the bottom of the long list of priorities. As women there’s a heavy influence through social media in particular to make us feel we’re failing if we’re not juggling it all. Breathe Hun.

Inspired by Women, I offer achievable Personal Styling services tailored specifically to busy Women who want to claw that feeling of ‘self’ back, control, direction, focus with a Service that works for them.

Giving yourself the permission to take that time to yourself and working with me to find your direction, To source and learn how to wear the looks the represent the woman you are. The woman you want to be.

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I’m a visual person. I’ve always had an appreciation for the beauty in simplicity. The fine details. Styling isn’t just instantly grabbing at pretty things and seeing what happens. I take a considered thought process into each piece selected for each client individually.

It is not my job to dress you as my version of you or create a little army of clones. It is my job to help you dress and feel your best version of yourself. And when we nail it. My god; That confidence. It’s powerful sh*t doll. Get in touch, let’s have a chat and get you started.