W A R D R O B E     E D I T     –     £215.00

Let me start by telling you what this isn’t.

A Wardrobe Edit is not, an opportunity for me to come into your home. Rummage through your clothes waving them over my head screeching…


It also, Isn’t.

Me throwing you into a 360 degree mirror in nothing but a pair of M&S’ finest offerings, and jiggling you around like Gok Wan circa 2006.

What it is, however. Is powerful.

It’s a process. Where we go through your wardrobe as it stands right now. Everything.

Working with you and your clothes to understand your shopping habits. I rock on up to you with rails, hangers, my camera and a notebook and we take it section by section to maximize everything to suit you, your lifestyle and where you`re heading in your style direction.

Making your current wardrobe work harder for you.

I will then collate everything we’ve discussed from the edit into a visual report so that you don’t need to be concerning yourself with worrying about remembering everything we’ve talked about. This report is totally individual to you. It includes inspirations, an itinerary of what you have and clear suggestions of pieces that would fill any gaps creating more looks for you, working with what you already have.

From this process you will have more control, direction and understanding of what works for your shape and proportions. With a clear indication of what areas would benefit the most from investment in your wardrobe to help you reach where you want to be.

Please allow approx. 3 hours to carry out a full edit.

Within your report are ”Suggested Pieces” with direct links to each piece to make shopping easier and time efficient for you. I do the leg work doll.

Once you’ve received your Report and you’ve taken the time you need to take it in, bought the suggested pieces you want to add to your wardrobe, We re-group.

I come back to you for 2 hours and we take that time to make sure we totally nail it. Put into practice what the report covers and build looks for any up coming events as well as integrating your new pieces in to your wardrobe and get the key details down. The all important details that will elevate your style.

This additional time together is a major player in achieving that deeper understanding of bringing everything together. And with that, will come your confidence to carry those looks forward. And F***in’ own it hun.


[ A little something you may wish to consider when booking an Edit… When mother nature is kindly giving you even more than you already have to deal with, ask yourself if it’s a time you’ll feel comfortable trying on clothes ladies. ]

Any questions, or to make your booking, get in touch.