W A R D R O B E     E D I T     –     £340.00 [ please allow approx 4 hours ]

Let me start by explaining what this isn’t.

A Wardrobe Edit is not, an opportunity for me to come into your home. Rummage through your clothes waving them over my head screeching…

” Seriously Dahhhhhling, What. Were you thinking?!”

It also, Isn’t.

Me throwing you into a 360 degree mirror in nothing but a pair of M&S’ finest offerings, and jiggling you around like Gok Wan circa 2006.

What it is, however. Is powerful.

It’s a process. Where we go through your wardrobe as it stands right now. Everything.

Working with you and your clothes to understand your shopping habits and your needs. We take what you have section by section. Breaking it down into what fits, what works, what doesn’t and why. We talk through your proportions, tones that work well for you, the importance of fit.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with women from their early 20’s to their 70’s. From a size 6 to a size 26. Each woman. Incredible.

I champion making your current wardrobe work harder for you. I will never suggest buying more if it’s not necessary. It’s not good for your headspace, time, budget or the planet. The tide is changing and fast fashion has had it’s fun. As consumers we need to be more responsible. To take a considered approach to a strong hard working wardrobe puts you in a powerful position. Every woman is different. What you love about your wardrobe will not be the same as what I love about mine. Identifying what that backbone of your wardrobe is for you, your lifestyle. Is what I do.

Most clients are surprised at how much variety they do have already. We work on building a strong backbone within your wardrobe. Identifying key pieces and exploring the versatility they can offer you. 

I bring along all we need for your edit, I make notes as we go and collate everything we’ve discussed from the edit into a visual report. This allows you to enjoy the process and not worry about having to remember everything.

I collate our time together into a Report that is a beautiful tangible document totally individual to you that you can digest and refer back to. It includes inspirations, an itinerary of what you have and clear suggestions of pieces that would fill any gaps we’ve identified that will elevate more looks for you working with what you already have. Notes for you to really consider in your future shopping decisions.

Within your report are ”Suggested Pieces” with direct links emailed to you to each piece to make shopping easier and time efficient for you. To see elements of a Wardrobe Edit as shared through a clients instagram stories. I’ve saved these to a highlight reel titled ‘AN EDIT’

To invest in an Edit is a process and I’m invested in you.  In getting you to where you want to be. The time together is a major player in achieving that deeper understanding of bringing everything together. And with that, will come your confidence to carry those looks forward. 

[ A little something you may wish to consider when booking an Edit… If your cycle can influence your mood heavily, how your body feels. Please consider this when booking dates. This is something for you. You deserve to feel in a great place to enjoy it fully ]

Any questions, or to make your booking, get in touch.